Moving Securely: Keep Your Valuables and Home Secure

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fragileMoving to a new place can be fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. There are so many things to think about when moving such as packing up all of your belongings, hiring movers or renting a moving truck, finding storage, and much more. However, amongst all of those things, you should also remember to keep your move safe and secure.

Here are some helpful tips you can follow to ensure you have a secure move from your old home to your new one:

Empty Out Your Safe

If you have valuable items such as jewelry, personal records, guns, etc., then be sure to keep those with you during the move instead of leaving them in the back of the moving truck, or in the hands of movers. This reduces the chance of your precious valuables becoming lost during transit.

Secure Your Old Residence

Believe it or not, it’s easy to forget to lock up when moving out of your old residence because of all the commotion that goes on during a move. With this in mind, set a reminder to check that all the doors and windows are locked before heading out to your new home and leaving the old one behind.

Whether you’ve packed up everything or still have a few items left before you leave, check that:

  • All windows are shut and locked
  • Blinds and curtains are closed
  • All doors are shut and locked
  • Garage door is closed and locked
  • Backyard gate(s) are closed and secure
  • The alarm system is armed
  • All vehicles are locked and armed, and do not have any valuables in them

Don’t Give Out Too Much Information

It’s common for people to become curious when someone is moving out or moving into the neighborhood. Although it might be innocent conversation, if you find that your soon-to-be former or new neighbors are asking questions about your move, be polite and courteous without disclosing too much information about your moving situation.

Here are some some examples:

  • If you’re at your old home and a neighbor engages you in conversation about your move, don’t mention your moving schedule. They don’t need to know when you’re leaving to make another trip to your new place, or that you won’t be back until the weekend. The same goes for when your new neighbors engage you in conversation. Don’t give them any specifics about when you’re heading back to your old place to get more of your items.
  • Try not to mention any specific brands or details of items that you own. For instance, if one of your new neighbors comments on the large television you just took inside and wants to know what size it is, you can simply say “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”, even if you think it’s a 60 inch television.

Secure Your New Residence

What should you do when you finally get to your new place?

Here are a few things to consider when you finally arrive to your new home:

  • Be sure to put all of your precious valuables away first and to not leave them in your car or moving truck.
  • If you must leave to make another trip to your old home, be sure to lock up the entire house, including windows (On the second floor as well if applicable), doors, and gates. Do this even if you think you will be gone for just a few minutes. It’s not worth the risk of someone entering your new home and taking your precious belongings.
  • Whether you’re staying the night at your new place or plan to leave and return in the morning, always make sure any vehicles that you leave behind are locked and armed and without any valuables in them. If possible, just park in the garage.
  • Additionally, if you have a moving truck and plan to keep it overnight, be sure to take out ALL of your belongings. Don’t just leave it for the next day. After you’ve emptied the truck and called it a night, you can leave the back door of the truck unlocked and slightly open so any would-be thieves can see that it’s empty.

Setup Your New Alarm

The final tip for a safe and secure move is to ensure your new home has a monitored alarm system in place. If your new home is in need of a security system, give us a call at (210) 341-8900 and we’ll give you a free quote for installation. As we mentioned before, moving to a new place should be fun and exciting. Let us help you take some of the stress away by securing your new home.